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Heartbroken Dog Visits Grave Every Day To Stay Close To His Owner

We’ve all heard the saying a million times: “dogs are man’s best friend.” No matter how cliched it is, though, the sentiment remains true. The bond between a dog and its owner runs incredibly deep, and almost nothing can shake a faithful canine’s loyalty.

One dog named Zozo demonstrates this in an incredibly moving way. His owner passed away back in 2014, but Zozo’s faithfulness to his best friend hasn’t lessened in his absence…

When a Turkish man died back in February of 2014, his death shook the entire family. Perhaps most heartbroken of all, though, was the man’s loyal dog Zozo.


Facebook / Billow Ye

Zozo has been depressed in the years since his best friend died, but he and the man’s son, Billow Ye, make daily visits to the grave site.


Facebook / Billow Ye

Each time they go, Zozo lies somberly by the grave, trying to remain close to his favorite companion.


Facebook / Billow Ye

It breaks Billow’s heart to see Zozo this way, but the loving pup wouldn’t trade his visits for anything.


His loyalty knows no bounds, not even death.


Facebook / Billow Ye

The poor pooch! It’s simultaneously sweet and heartbreaking that Zozo remains so dedicated to his former owner. Dogs truly are man’s best friend.

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